Saturday, August 21, 2010

God’s Word for Haiti

Cry for my people. 
I cry for my people… for our land.  Then, I gather myself ~ building myself up on my most holy, wholly faith ~ trusting You, my Father. 
I · have · faith · in · God.

You know the answer.  You send our answer and we receive our answer. 

You, the Creator of Heaven and earth, have made this easy.  You have made this light. 
I choose to believe.

Before the foundation of the earth, You made provisions for this very moment.  You have provided the materials, the seen and unseen things necessary for our deliverance and abundance.

And so I call forth the solutions, the buildings, the supplies, the infrastructure, the natural resources, the tangible and intangible, the people with the giftings, graces and callings for this place at this time, the institutions of Your revelations and everything else You’ve ordained for our glorious uprising.  I command… come forth – NOW – and remain planted in and secured by the Kingdom of God in me – in the Name of Jesus.

We commit ourselves to You Father.  We commit our ways to You · my Lord · my Master · my King.

Like Noah, we receive that we are in Your ark of safety as You show us Your new Haiti in our hearts – which manifest in our land.

In Jesus’ Name, I thank You and praise You… Amen.

Referenced Scriptures to Study and Meditate:
Gen 7:1, 13, 16                        Mark 9:23; 11:22-25                Ephesians 1:3-5
Deuteronomy 6                         Luke 17:21                             Hebrews 11
Psalm 37:3-5; 82                      John 16:23-24                         2 Peter 1:3-4
Isaiah 61                                  Romans 14:17                        Jude 20
Matthew 11:28-30                    1Corinthians 4:20

Rhonda B. Holmes ~ © June 2010

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