How Will This Help Haiti?

Why Is This Important? …
How Can These Words Help Haiti?

Because WORDS really do MATTER… in fact, words create matter.

Words ARE the most powerful tool we have.  Give it just a little thought and realize that ALL things began with a thought – but thoughts will always die unless they turn into WORDS or actions.

The basis of my truth is some ancient proverbs and writings from the Bible.  Paraphrased examples:
  • Job 22:28 – You decide and decree (speak) a thing, and it shall be established (done) for you…
  • Proverbs 18:21 – Death and Life are in the power of your tongue…
  • Matthew 12:37 – you are justified and acquitted by your own words and you are condemned and sentenced by your own words.
  • James 3:2 – …if you do not offend in speech [never say the wrong things], you are fully developed, perfect and able to control your whole body…

Here are Other Sources That Seem to Agree

Dr. Bill Winston, nationally acclaimed Author, Founder & Chairman of the Board of the Joseph School of Business, Chairman of the Board of Covenant Bank and other businesses, states: “Everything that IS - is founded on WORDS.  WORDS have the highest authority in the earth and you’re the one who can speak them. Everything can be changed with WORDS. There is nothing so big that it can’t be changed with WORDS.”

In his Foreword to the book Aspire, Stephen Covey, best-selling Author, states:
It all started with words.  Words are, and always have been, the creative force of the universe. words contain an inherent power, a force capable of lighting one's paths and hoped-for horizons. Used correctly, words are the first building blocks for success and inner peace.”

And finally, in this video introduced by Morgan Freeman, Amnesty International relates their view on the importance of WORDS:

So please join us in Speaking LIFE for Haiti!

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